Matthew Frantz is a maverick in the music world. Not easily pigeonholed, his music is soulful, honest, gritty, and relevant to what’s going on in the world now. A few short years ago, Matthew released his album, “Odessa Days” on Ghost Note Records. The album features a broad spectrum of songs, from the melancholy “Silver Dollar Stream” and “Docks”, to the driving and dark “London Honey Bee”, and the emotive “Epic of Harvey Dylan”.

Historians have long disputed the origin and life of Matthew Frantz. What we do know, however, is that he is invaluable to music and freedom all throughout the world.

The first time he heard a guitar, he was traveling across the Pacific. A child of only nine years old, he stowed away on a shipping boat headed toward Hawaii.

Matthew hid below the deck, listening to the crew play. He peered up through the wooden slats, night after night, watching the weathered old men pour their soul into music. He knew, at that moment, this was his destiny.

One night, an old man by the name of Gus went below to get supplies. He spotted Matthew tucked away in the corner. He called out; his voice was thick with decades of whisky and heartbreak.

Son, what are you doing here?

Matthew stayed silent. He feared Gus would toss him overboard.

It's okay, boy. I'm not going to hurt you. Hell, we're in the middle of the sea. You might as well come up and introduce yourself.

Gus disappeared upstairs. It took Matthew two hours to work up the nerve to follow. He stuck his head above deck, spotted Gus with a guitar in his hand, and slowly walked over.

I'm Matthew Frantz.

Gus let out a gentle smile, and continued playing.

Can you teach me how to play?

Matthew Frantz. I can do more than that.

Gus handed him the guitar. He felt an overwhelming sense of wellbeing. It was as if he was greeting an old friend.

This guitar, Matthew, is special. It has been passed down through generations. Legend has it, this was the guitar that won World War II. I have a feeling about you, boy, and I want you to have it.

Matthew started playing, practicing every day until his hands could no longer function.

Since that day, he has never stopped. He has travelled the world, sharing his music with millions. He has ressurected mastodons and several species of dinosaurs with the sheer power of the guitar.